Hobby Henry is a website where hobby enthusiasts come together and answer some of the most common ‘hobby’ related questions in an easy-to-understand format.

“Our mission is to give you user-friendly answers to your hobby-related questions”


Our journey started on the 1st of March 2020. I just bought a new drone and I had ENDLESS questions on various aspects of the drone. How to fly it, use it properly, and how to fix some of the issues I ran into. During my research, I was disappointed with the lack of information I could find online for my specific problems.

Hobby Henry was born 15 days later.

We’ve been blogging now for two month now and we have already:

  • Answered 91 questions in informative blog posts
  • Have on average 4 daily site visitors per day.

Not really much is it? But it will grow if google is kind enough to allow our articles to rank.

So that’s it, guys! Please feel free to browse around the website. We currently have no affiliate links and we don’t run ads, I’ll probably start that once we get more site visitors, but I’ll make sure I let you know here before.

Feel free to contact me here to let me know how amazing this blog is.

All the best.
‘Hobby Henry’