10 Best Places To Fly Your Drone In Arkansas

Arkansas is a beautiful state with some fantastic sites to see that it would be great to capture on camera from a drone, but like any State, rules are in place stipulating where you can fly a drone, and that limits where you can fly. I’ve made this easier for you by compiling a list of the top 10 places to fly a drone in Arkansas!

Top 10 Places to Fly a Drone in Arkansas:

Location:City:Best Feature: Map:
NorthsideLittle RockBridgesView On Map
Gulley ParkFayettevilleFamily AreaView On Map
Lake GreesonMurfreesboroLake ActivitiesView On Map
Lake Fort SmithFort SmithCabinsView On Map
Ozark MountainsLittle RockHiking TrailsView On Map
Boyle ParkLittle RockFishing PondView On Map
Two RiversLittle rockTwo Rivers Park BridgeView On Map
Lake MaumelleBig Rock TownshipBeautiful LakeView On Map
Pierce CreekMayflowerUnique WaterscapeView On Map
Table of great drone flying locations in Arkansas.

Keeping reading to find out more about these places and the rules and regulations surrounding Arkansas.

01. Northside Shore Riverwalk Park, Little Rock


Northside Shore Riverwalk Park is classified as a Class C airspace, which means it is controlled airspace and will require you to receive permission to fly there.

INSIDER TIP: Requesting permission is really easy and can be done online. Check out my article on How To Notify The Airport Of Your Drone Flight As Hobbyist to learn how to request permission online quickly.

Once you have received permission to fly in the area, then you can get ready for some of the best aerial photography you will ever take. The location consists of lots of green scenery and a great view of the Little Rock skyline.

You can see plenty of different subject points while flying in this area, including bridges that are used by cars and trains to cross the river, which will make for some great footage.

The area has plenty of space to fly and no worries about crashing into buildings or other landmarks.

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02. Gulley Park, Fayetteville


Gulley Park is a great place to fly, especially if you are new to the drone world and want to test out a new drone.

It is a recreational park that has a lot to offer, from a beautiful playground to keep the kids entertained, a gazebo to chill under while you fly, and a small stream of water to add to your footage.

There is even some live music sometimes to be enjoyed by the whole family!

View On Map

03. Lake Greeson, Murfreesboro


Lake Greeson is a man-made lake originally created to control floods and for hydropower. The lake is 12 miles long and is surrounded by a massive 15,842 acres of public land.

There are many recreational activities available on and around the lake that make it a great place to bring the family, as well as adding to the footage that will be captured.

Activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, and camping are very popular.

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04. Lake Fort Smith


Lake Fort Smith is an amazing place and probably one of the best places to fly a drone on this list.

However, the Lake is a State Park, which means you are not allowed to fly there without obtaining a Special Use Permit from the Office of the Director.

In order to obtain a permit, you will have to start by emailing a copy of your drone registration and proof of liability insurance to parks.info@arkansas.gov.

Once you have a permit you will be free to enjoy the beauty of the lake with all its activities as well.

Activities like camping, fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking are very popular here, and adding a drone to that combo is not something you can do anywhere!

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05. Ozark Mountains, Little Rock


If you are someone who enjoys the occasional hike, then you will love visiting the Ozark Mountains and taking a hike with your drone.

During the fall the mountains look amazing with all sorts of colors. In the winter the whole mountain is covered in a sheet of white snow and becomes the most amazing winter wonderland.

But one thing is for sure, no matter the season or weather, the footage you will capture on this mountain will always be top-class!

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06. Greers Ferry Lake, Little Rock


If you are looking to shoot some pictures and enjoy the water, then Greers Ferry Lake is a great reservoir you should check out!

You can chill on the shoreline and fly your drone, or you could relax and get your feet wet in the water while you fly, or you could get a boat and chill out on the lake while you capture some amazing footage.

This is a public place, however, and can get very busy during the summer, so beware of not breaking any drone laws!

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07. Boyle Park, Little Rock


Boyle Park is located in Class G airspace in Little Rock, Arkansas. This means that the airspace is uncontrolled, and you are free to fly here without obtaining permission first.

Boyle Park is located in 243 acres of wooded hills in Arkansas. Rock Creek flows through this wooded area, which makes it a fantastic spot for drone pilots to shoot.

Because the Park is located amongst plenty of trees and foliage, the appearance of the area changes as the seasons change as well.

So you can return to the same location at different times of the year and have a completely different experience. The location is stunning during the Fall when the leaves on the trees begin to change color.

The location is also home to a beautiful fishing pond that is great to sit near while flying your drone.

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08. Two Rivers Park


The sky above Two rivers Park is classified as Class G airspace and is therefore uncontrolled airspace free for you to explore.

The Park’s location is where the Maumelle River and the Arkansas River meet, and consists of 1000 acres, and open fields.

The Park also has wetlands and plenty of wooded areas that give you plenty to record and photograph.

The most commonly photographed and visited part of this Park is the Two Rivers Park Bridge. It is a favorite amongst locals and tourists.

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09. Lake Maumelle, Big Rock Township


Lake Maumelle is an impressive 8,900 acres and has over 70 miles of shoreline. The lake has amazing views all around and on a clear day, you can see Pinnacle Mountain in the distance.

If you would like to shoot some amazing footage while spending the day on a beautiful Lake, then this is definitely the location you should check out!

You will also be happy to hear that the Lake is in Class G airspace, which means it is uncontrolled airspace and doesn’t require permission to fly in.

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10. Pierce Creek, Mayflower


Located in Mayflower, Arkansas, in Class G airspace, makes this a prime location for many drone pilots to fly their drones and capture some fantastic shots.

This location is the largest man-made reservoir ever made in the United States by a game and fish commission.

The Pierce Creek Public Boat Landing provides the perfect view of the Lake while providing enthusiasts with the perfect launch spot.

The lake spans 6,700 acres with a 52 mile shoreline.

There are trees growing in the lake water, which creates a beautiful and unique waterscape for fantastic footage.

When the sun hits the trees and water at the right angle during sunset, it creates the perfect image that any drone enthusiast and the photographer would be happy to capture.

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Arkansas Drone Laws

Summary of state drone laws for recreational and commercial drone pilots.

Drone pilots in the State of Arkansas are required to follow all federal drone laws put in place by the FAA.

Here are a few of those laws:

  • You must register your drone before your flight.
  • Fly below 400 feet
  • You must fly within visual line of sight.
  • Your drone must weigh under 55 pounds.
  • Stay away from manned aircraft at all times.
  • If you are planning to fly within 5 miles of any airport, you are required to notify the control tower.
  • Do not fly near emergency response efforts.

Here are the State and local drone laws:

  • You are prohibited from photographing and collecting information from any critical infrastructure without consent.
  • It is illegal to record someone without their consent, if someone is in your drone shot, they must not be identifiable.

There are no city laws for the State of Arkansas. Pilots are required to follow the Federal laws made by the FAA and the Arkansas State drone laws.

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